TC Empanelment Registration 2019

Total days to Complete by each TC: 25

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Status Action /Process

Date of Update with Time

DMT Verification HO Verification
Start on ·   TC Empanelment Login Registration Process 18-12-2018    
Start on · TC Empanelment Registration Process Fee Payments 18-12-2018    
·   Last Date of Registration 18-01-2019
·   Last Date of Final Payments will Close 18-01-2019
·   Completion of Infrastructure Update by TC 31-01-2019
·   Last date of Verification of Site Location of TC by DMT 15-02-2019
·   Approval of  TC Site/Location by DMT (Within 3 Working days from the Date of Site Verification) 18-02-2019
·   Last date of Verification of  TC Infrastructure/Recourses 28-02-2019
· Recommendation/Approval of TC Infrastructure/Recourses by DMT   03-03-2019
·  Recommendation by HMT (Head office Team) 05 -03-2019
·  Display of All Approved Centre list at Our Portal  05 -03-2019
·  End/Completion of Process  05 -03-2019
·  Admission will begin from   12-03-2019

Following Detail has to be completed by each TC  

   Detail has to be completed  
·         Review Terms & Conditions
·         Declare Applicant TC address
·         Mark Center Location on Google Map
·         Submit PAN Details
·         Submit Bank Account Details
·         Make EOI Payment
·         Submit Center Contact And Address Details
·         Declare Various Facilities
·         Declare Center Classroom Details
·         Declare Center Computer Lab details
·         Declare IT infrastructure Details
·         Declare Internet Connectivity
·         Declare Power Backup Details
·         Declare Human Resources
·         Declare Computer Hardware
·         Upload the soft copy of legal documents (jpg files)